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FNaF Shooter

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FNaF Shooter brings the FPS battles for you to fight against animatronics. Get ready to meet familiar enemies in FNaF Shooter and show off your marksmanship.

About FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter unblocked is a first-person shooter game worth exploring. Your mission is to survive and save the world from the overgrowth of animatronics from FNAF fangames download.

In this game, you no longer hide in the dark and watch out for animatronics. Instead, you can stand up and fight them with a variety of weapons. You can use your survival skills to show the enemy who is in charge. But do not be subjective, crowds of enemies will always surround you.

Most of the typical characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s games will be present in this experience. They appear everywhere and become agile at night. They can move flexibly and always move towards you. So you need to be ready with at least a gun full of ammunition and the courage to confront them.

Regarding the control mechanism, it is quite simple but also not easy to approach. You need to practice regularly to master all operations in the game. You will have to move flexibly while attacking the right target and defending to protect your HP. Moreover, you need to choose the right weapon to gain an advantage in any situation.

The weapon system of FNaF Shooter 3D is extremely diverse, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and more. Depending on the battlefield situation, you should have different options. The pistols and rifles will be suitable for melee attacks. While sniper rifles will give you the advantage to attack from a distance.

If you love a shooting game, FNaF Shooter free online will be the most suitable choice for you. Enjoy fast-paced third-person shooters in the browser here. You can see a ton of animatronics ahead, but luckily you have guns and a smart strategy.

How to play

Move with WASD, click "Space” to jump, left click to shoot, right click to aim

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