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Color Galaxy

Maximus November 14, 2022 3D Games 1679

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Color Galaxy is one of the best html5 io games where you should expand your territory. Compete with multiple online enemies in Color Galaxy and clear them soon!

About Color Galaxy

Enjoy Color Galaxy unblocked game online with a lot of rivals worldwide on the same map. The goal is to become the top player. Thus, you need to enlarge your land.

Hop into Color Galaxy PC and expand your area with a car

Indeed, you will drive a car when you have connected to the playfield in this amusing Color Galaxy 3D game. And, you’re capable of driving it your way. But, you should not move too far from your starting point.

For the first time, you can go around the nearby location. Remember to return to your home after that! In fact, you will have the chance to loot neutral areas and even neighbors. Therefore, somebody can steal your land if you cannot come back in time to protect it.

Color Galaxy 3D game is actually a challenging match

It means that you must defend your territory and your life while playing Color Galaxy PC with everybody. However, you can remove them by crashing into the trail that they create whilst they’re roaming.

Color Galaxy is an exciting online multiplayer game with io style. Try to survive and own the largest territory fast!

How to play

Click and drag Left Mouse to move your character around the map.

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