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Burger & Frights

Maximus January 18, 2022 3D Games 3630

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About Burger & Frights

Burger & Frights online will bring you the strangest adventures. You will have to cycle and cross empty streets on the cold late night to buy your favorite burger.

You should save your energy for horror rides in Burger & Frights unblocked. Your task is to cycle through the roads in the dark with only a small flashlight. Under the meager light of the flashlight, you can see part of the road to steer the car forward. At the same time, the light from the street lights also helps you to find the right path. Controlling a bicycle may not seem too difficult, but sometimes it also makes it difficult for you. Take good control of your bike with the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the bike left or right. Not only you, this night road will have many other obstacles such as an oncoming car, an abandoned bicycle in the middle of the road…

Players need to show good observation and bike control in this survival horror adventure. They can both drive and enjoy the whispering sounds of the wind, the sound of wheels rolling on the road or the sound of a car engine in the distance. They are really real, contributing to the highlight of your experience. Besides, you can move the mouse to see all the surrounding scenes and try the feeling of survival in the lonely dark night scene. Or you can try honk to create more lively sounds for the adventure more interesting. Action games like Burger & Frights are very simple but always attractive by the careful investment in sound and context. So don’t miss this opportunity to discover an unprecedented adventure experience.

How to play

Move your bike with arrow keys, honk with left mouse

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