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About Amogus.Fun

Amogus.Fun unblocked is the 3D version of the once-popular Among Us game. You can play it online here and enjoy exciting debates with your friends to show your strategy.

This game still carries the gameplay and story from the original game, Among Us. But it possesses great new features that make this typical gameplay come alive and more real. Now you can play it on high-end graphics with an intuitive third-person perspective and smooth movements.

In terms of gameplay, it’s no different, it’s still a competition between two groups of people, the crew and the rogues. The players will be randomly divided into two groups and have to perform their own tasks. But all gamers must work to eliminate the enemy from the spaceship to win.

If you’re part of the crew, you’ll often have spacecraft repair missions. Besides, you have to identify the fakers to eliminate them in the upcoming debate with team to win. If they were still on board, they could end any astronauts and you and your teammates will lose.

Meanwhile, if you belong to the group of fakers, your mission is to destroy the crew to win. You have the ability to be more proactive than others, but you must act skillfully and wisely. If you reveal your identity, the crew will remove you from the ship.

Amogus.Fun is an attractive choice for fans of Among Us 3D. You can team up with your friends or join a random group to start the game now. To win, use your wisdom and ingenuity whether you are a forger or a member of the crew.

How to play

Move the character with WASD or your mouse, observe your position through the small map in the right corner

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