Warfare Area 2

Maximus January 13, 2022 2D Shooter 1177

About Warfare Area 2

Enjoy the new shooting survival war in Warfare Area 2 unblocked! You should keep your gun tight and aim accurately to successfully finish every enemy in each level.

Shooting game has caused a fever in the mobile market for a while, especially PUBG Mobile, a classic survival shooter. But if you want to try a simpler experience, you can play Warfare Area 2 online. Here, you will have challenging battles as a spy. You need to kill every guy in your area with guns, armor, first aid kit and a strategic plan. Like every other shooter game, you can see everything in the familiar first-person perspective. So, the feeling of shooting and survival is very realistic, making you unable to take your eyes off the screen when playing. This game offers dozens of levels for you to try and conquer. The gameplay in each level is the same but the challenge increases as you have more powerful enemies.

To win, you need not only to aim accurately, but also to have a smart strategic plan. A top shooter won’t simply stand still and shoot because he could be taken down soon enough. Instead, you need to know how to use the terrain effectively to both defend and attack. You can hide behind walls, paint cans or whatever and surprise your opponents. Besides, don’t look down on men with rifles in hand. They will not stand still for you to shoot, but sometimes they will surprise you with great marksmanship. This HTML5 3D game will leave you with many impressions, especially in its attractive shooting gameplay, large map and smooth character control mechanism.

How to play

Move characters with WASD combos or keyboard arrows Shoot the gun by left clicking, click R to load ammo, press P to pause the match.

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