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Pixel Smash Duel

Maximus November 18, 2022 2D Shooter 486

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The Pixel Smash Duel unblocked game is here for you to check shooting abilities. Pixel Smash Duel is now full of crazy gun fights and a lot of strong enemies.

About Pixel Smash Duel

Pixel Smash Duel is a place where you can turn into the best player if you destroy all your rivals. It’s time you take part in battles and make use of your skills.

Pixel Smash Duel is a free online pixel game with a fun two-player mode

Literally, there are two game modes waiting for you to select from. Actually, they are 1 player and 2 player. In other words, you can choose to fight against the computer or an online enemy. So, it’s easy to enjoy the challenge with a friend.

Play Pixel Smash Duel free online and master how to survive

In fact, you should learn about the rule and launch your possibilities in your pixel game skillfully if you want to stay alive and even become the last standing character.

Besides, remember that everything in Pixel Smash Duel 2 player will start and occur very quickly. Thus, you need to prepare to deal with the most dangerous cases. Additionally, try to shoot at the challenger until he is unbalanced!

Let’s play Pixel Smash Duel free online and invite your buddies to participate in the match with you! Shall you finish 5 rounds and gain the most points first? Good luck!

How to play

Use W to move your player around the playfield Press E to shoot at the opponent.

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