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Peckin Pixels

Maximus July 4, 2022 2D Shooter 2864

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About Peckin Pixels

Peckin’ Pixels unblocked is an animal-themed farm management game online in which you have to take care of chickens and run a big farm.

These tasks may sound simple to do, you are still required to have good skills and even some good tips to conquer them. The goal here is to keep the sustainability of your business. You need to use smart techniques to take care of the chickens, let them lay eggs, and then sell the eggs to make money for your farm. Then, you can buy special chicken food that has different effects using money.

Also, there are some lovely outfits to put your chickens. Dress them up to make them more adorable. Make sure you complete the daily objectives in the game to get more achievements, including rainbow, golden chicken, or rare chickens with more colors. Peckin’ Pixels is a fun 2D game to play, right? Play it now for free and have fun with it!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the objects and chickens in the game.

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