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Fields of Fury

Maximus June 6, 2022 2D Shooter 824

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About Fields of Fury

If you are looking for an online shooter, Fields of Fury unblocked is the hot choice to try. You will have a chance to enjoy the fast paced flag robbery wars with others.

This game gives you first person shooting wars with flag robbery mission. Your mission is to capture the opponent’s flag while protecting yours from others. If you win more flags in the given time, you will be the winner and can improve your rank on the leaderboard.

You can choose your role at the start of this shooting online game. Specifically, you can play as a rifleman with medium to long range combat capabilities. Or you can be a trench gunner with melee attack ability or a machinegunner with medium attack ability.

So, choose the role that suits your strategy and forte to gain an advantage in every battle. Each role has its own advantages, and what matters is how you exploit that advantage to your own advantage. Besides, you also need to move wisely to hide or raid enemies.

The game gives you many useful things to explore and create an advantage. You can find health packs and ammo all over the map. Therefore, you should move often to search and accumulate them for necessary cases. At the same time, pay attention to the minimap to observe the enemy’s location.

Fields of Fury is an HTML5 multiplayer game that is quite popular with gamers around the world. It will also surely attract you with its attractive tactical shooting gameplay and eye-catching 3D graphics. Character images, backgrounds, effects, sounds… are all great.

How to play

Move with WASD, jump with Space, shoot with left mouse, aim with right mouse

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